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People Over Profit

We need leaders that are about the people. We want to provide people with a great healthy all-natural snack and help people improve their overall mental and physical health. We want to reward people for building great habits and putting in the work.

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Special Items

Delicious vegan snack bars and healthy protein bars 

Lemon Cranberry

Coconut flour, Almond flour, Plant- Base protein powder, lemon juice, etc..


9 Pack Choco Peanut butter protein bites

Oats, Plant base protein powder, Peanut butter, Dark chocolate chips, Flaxseed, honey


9 pack Cookies & Cream protein bites

Oreos, Vegan cream cheese, Plant base protein powder, Dark chocolate chips


2 pack Chocolate CHIRP Protein bar

Cricket flour, peanutbutter, Oats,  Honey, Dark chocolate chips, Cinnamon


9 pack Birthday cake protein bites

Cashews, Plant based protein powder, oats, coconut flour, dates, agave, sprinkles


$25 Gift Card

$25 giftcard.  You will recive gift card code through email provided.


5 pack Cookies N Cream protein bites

Plant base protein, Vegan cream cheese, Dark chocolate chips, Oreos, Vanilla


5 pack chocolate peanut butter bites

Oats, peanutbutter, Oats,  Honey, Dark chocolate chips, pea protein


What Customers
Say About Us

Sara S. Customer

I love Detroit Protein Bar because it’s affordable for college students, like myself, and there is a large variety of options to choose from.

Amelia C. Customer

I love shopping at Detroit Protein Bar because every store I’ve ever been to always have terrific customer service. They also have such a wide variety of options that I never have trouble getting what I need to stay on track with my health.

Carol S. Customer

Surprisingly great taste and texture. The texture and flavor of the bar complete the experience. You definitely won't be gulping it down to avoid the taste. With the macros, this is a really handy snack on the go.

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